Consult Zuni

Consult Zuni


Tarot Card Consultation

*Warning! This service is only for those very serious about attaining their goal in a fun but with commitment. Not for the lazy or fainted hearted*

Something about tarot.

The tools to choose from included:

  • Radiant Rider-Waite deck, Halloween deck, Golden Dawn deck

  • Positive Psychological perspectives and a myriad of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques

  • Western Astrological system

  • Numerology system

I will set out a space with the intent for tarot reading for you. Setting up the appropriate ambience, music, scent and mood to facilitate the reading. Depending on the question, I will do a 3 card reading or a Celtic Cross spread. I will diagnose your issue followed by giving some advice. Tarot is all about making sense of your current situation by drawing images and symbols to the conscious world. We can do Facebook or Skype video call. The other option would be for me to send a detailed report and a photograph of your spread.

What you will receive:
A diagnosis of your problem (past/subconscious)
What is driving you (conscious goal/near future)
A crossing (an event that has to happen to change the situation)
How you feel, your allies and support, final advice.


  • LIMITED TIME $30 per session
    (U.P. $60 for full consultation)

    Here are some of our customer reviews:

I’ve always wanted to get a tarot card reading done but have been afraid of going to phony readers. But when Lisa offered to do a reading for me, I didn’t hesitate because it was someone I was familiar with as we were followers on Instagram. My experience was a very comfortable one, as Lisa was very patient with me with all my questions, despite communicating through Whatsapp with a 7 hour time difference. Her readings were very timely and she even offered me some solutions and explained them to me what they meant. Overall, my experience changed my perception with tarot reading and I will definitely recommend anyone to speak to Lisa if they want a reading done!

– Trishna Goklani, Accents of Gold

Thank you so much for this, just exactly what I needed  Everything you said hit the jackpot, exactly what I am feeling. Lisa has helped me see things from a different point of view.

– Cynthia Kuang, Mediacorp Actress

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