Our Story


How it all started


Studio Indigold was created in October 2014, beginning with the crafting of perfumed black wax candles and esoteric art prints on wooden discs that were based out of a study on Hinduism and Aborigine culture. These would come to encompass golden mandalas and all-seeing-eye patterns, mystical depictions of Naga and the Serpent, the symbology of the lotus flower, and depictions of the constellations, the moon cycles and celestial sky. The philosophy of each black-dyed candle was inspired by the lighting of an oil lamp which translates to "leading us from darkness towards light." The name Indigold connotes the “Indigo Children”, children with Old Souls that in a New Age concept are believed to be highly driven and creative with an inheritance of special, perceptive and psychic awareness.

Those who don’t believe in magic
will never find it.
— Roald Dahl


In 2016, Studio Indigold took on astrology and merged this esoteric study into its existing brand. In astrological terms, Studio Indigold is governed by the powerful influence and depth of Pluto in its corresponding Sun, Venus and Ascendant signs, as well as the expansiveness of Jupiter cradling the Midheaven. It launched House of Halliwell in December to create a female empowerment collective to push the notion of girl power and the strength and support of sisters. Esoteric in nature, October saw two parties organized with Halloween Dinner theatre on the 31st and Dia de los Muertos on 3rd Nov. House of Halliwell is also social in nature, going with the saying 'Come home to the House of Halliwell". It now has affiliations to The Numinous “Moon Club” #MaterialGirlMysticalWorld, Biddy Tarot, School of Witchery, #GirlBoss collective and Selfstrology Academy. The House always Wins and we all know it’s Charmed to be a Halliwell.


After the initial three infancy years, there was an opportunity and a realization for expansion and the need to involve a larger community in 2017. There also came a need to find comfort in our roots involving self-expression and creativity, which brings us to reconnect back to the art world. After partnering up with Mexican dive bar Chimichanga, Studio Indigold then developed a business strategy moving towards progression involving the identity of the company by evolving into a hyper-organism through merging with vendors, makers and other creators and creating the art + esoteric pop-up “Mercado de Sonora”, named after the real witchcraft market in Mexico City.


The founder and director of Studio Indigold Lisa Lee still runs the show with a keen eye for business opportunity that benefits the collective community, and a consciousness for a creative aesthetic.