Developing a healthy relationship with Money.

 ...For those who didn't have one before!

...For those who didn't have one before!

If you were to take a close look at my natal astrology chart, I wasn't born with the best combinations for managing resources or things of value. I wasn't born with super financial skills or a mathematician brain. The reason why I say so is:

1. I have Neptune cradling the 1st and 2nd house
2. I have Uranus in the 2nd house

Any novice astrologer will be able to immediately point out that in my house of value, possessions, resources and own finances, I have both the planets for confusion, deception, illusion and fantasy (Neptune) and eccentricity, volatility, and disruption to the status quo (Uranus). That doesn't sound like a good combination for anyone handling money does it?!

The best combination for someone who has a good relationship with money I would say, are Venus in the 2nd house (own house), Jupiter in the second. The planet for expansion makes good in the 2nd house, for large amounts of wealth will befall them. The signs would be earthy signs - taurus (own sign), capircorn, for stability, and managing resources in a way that brings them stability and stature. 

Yet, I will be joining the mass market bank industry in a global bank. *cue shocker* I never imagined myself to be working in the banking and finance industry. Or perhaps even if I did, I subconsciously wished that it was in some timeline far away, and prolonged it for as long as I could. From the start, I was the media person, the kid in school who designed class t shirts, logos, was in the art cca, went on to study advanced film and media for the o levels, then furthering into visual communication and media design for a 3 year diploma. I then went on to create art pieces for local art museums during my gap year and was commissioned for more work by really cool brands, including a spiritual luxury kimono store and a flotation therapy spa. I went on to do creative shoots for magazines, and became a model myself after learning the ropes behind the camera. I also co-founded an online luxury magazine where I spearheaded the creative department. The thing about life is, people change, and values change. Around the time I decided to make a switch, I recalled a good photographer friend of mine asking why I decided not to do shoots anymore for the month. He didn't know I was making a full on career change at the time. "I am expatriating too much creative energy, and need to get in touch with some grounding energy." I said to him. If you're familiar with elemental energy, it's like utilizing and giving away too much fire energy and losing touch of earth energy. He saw it more as a time sink and he was right. I was doing all these creative things and taking up so much time but that didn't translate into big money.

And all this changed when I decided to consciously acknowledge by previously uncertain and unhealthy relationship with money, and strive to further develop a relationship that's attentive, healthy, and on the ball. To compensate for my years of not knowing and understanding. To one that's all-encompassing.

So what really is your relationship with money? Did you even know you had one? Prior to not having an awareness of this relationship, I was scared to even touch money. I was uncomfortable asking my parents for money, I was uncomfortable to stand behind the cashier counter at my first part time job. Talking about money can be a huge taboo and no-no in many families, and that is one valuable skill that most parents unfortunately never pass on, because perhaps they didn't master it themselves. But talking about money improves the relationship we have with it. It breaks down barriers. It opens up communication channels. Money holds the biggest shadow for many of us. As you start to open up about stories of fear, insecurity, doubt, scarcity or ignorance, then you can start to change it into an abundance flow.

1. Understand and learn the law of attraction. There is a difference between scarcity mentality and abundance mentality.
A fundamental step in cultivating a healthy relationship with money is to understand your thoughts with it. Unconscious thoughts become things and these thoughts become beliefs that shape our reality.

When you constantly think that you are going into debt, you will. This is a mistrust of the universe, that people will always owe you money, or things will go wrong. When you think they do - they will.

When you constantly think that new things are coming your way, the universe has a plan for you and you trust it, things do come. Trust is the key. BannerArtboard 2.jpg


2. I used an essential oil called "Abundance".
It smelt of wild orange, vanilla, and . It was orange right out of a bottle. I had to envision myself in a warm orange glow, and believe that an abundance of blessings and good things would come my way. It was an instant wake-me-up too, because of the intensity of the orange blend. I met a supplier at a local spiritual fair, and asked for his recommendation. Essential oils are not hard to find, either. They are in abundance, everywhere.

3. I started reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Thoughts, prayers and oils do help, but you got to put in the work too. Go to the bookstore and pick up a book by any finance guru. I would never have walked into the finance section of Kinokuniya until I consciously told myself that I wanted to learn about the business, money, and finance. For me, it was Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. I even bought the second one, Guide to Investing. There are so many life changing advice inside the book that highlight the differences between the rich and poor's attitudes toward money. It doesn't have to be this particular book I read. It could be any title. As long as it piques your interest and you believe it could help develop your relationship with money.

4. Be an opportunist.
Learn how to spot opportunities that come your way. Seize the opportunity. Strike while the iron is hot. You won't get a second chance at it. Learn to be in the accepting mode, have the net ready and be ready to reel in the catch once the fish start swimming in. You don't want to be tossing the net at the last minute. Always be prepared.

5. Make peace with the understanding that it's not your parent's fault.
So you weren't brought up by wealthy parents (if you were - yay!), and they didn't pass down the best financial education to you. But the reality is, nobody passed it to them either and they probably didn't know them too.

I know my mother had a negative mentality most of her adult life. My father wasn't any the wiser. But until I forgave them with the understanding that it wasn't their fault, I could not move on and accept the abundance of things to come for myself. 

6. Spending with positivity

Money is energy. It is grounding, earth energy. Think about the words cash flow. You can't hoard money as well. You have to spend money with a positive attitude. Thinking you'll work really hard, and save all that money, and hoard it is no way to live! What is it, amateur hour? Within the first few months, that system is going to go cray with a one time large payment. That's no way to approach life! Spend vicariously. But within your means. The key is not going out of whack.

I'm really excited to be starting in the banking world in May. My astrologer frequently told me to "Saturn the Neptune". And I guess I did, by becoming the funds manager (the person who structures - Saturn) the financial plans. Being financially empowered now has changed my life, quite literally and drastically. 


Written by Lisa Lee.

Lisa Lee