Astro Library: Ascendant in Aquarius

What does it mean when your ascendant is in the sign of Aquarius?


The ascendant, or the rising sign, is how you first come across to other people when you first meet them. It is the mask that you wear when you first meet others at a party or open networking session. This is in comparison to your sun sign - your true personality and self identity, or your moon sign - your emotional security.

When your ascendant is in Aquarius, you first come across to others in a cool, detached manner. Think David Caruso in CSI: Miami with his cool Rayban sunglasses with a cigar in hand. Or that elusive, yet super hot Japanese model in all her coolness in the corner of the smoking room of the club. They are individuals who want you to think they got the nonchalant, cool girl/guy thing going on. It is an air sign afterall. This can mean they can come off a little standoffish to some people upon meeting, but are actually friendly and a little unorthodox beneath that cool exterior.

The ascendant also reveals your personal choice of dress and how you first present yourself to others. In Aquarius, there is some eccentricity or craziness in your mannerisms and dressing in a way that is unusual from your peers, which stems from wanting to express your originality and innovativeness. I once had a friend who dressed differently for his age - as a 55 year old father, he wore tight jeans and dressed fancy, and even modelled after his son’s pompadour undercut hairstyle, one that could only be achieved at dapper gentlemen’s barber shops. Another friend, a 22 year old model, subscribed to alternative yet ultra cool style of nu-goth fashion. Both friends had an Aquarius rising, and dressed or came across different from their peers.


Written by Jamie Emily.